Please consider me as a source of reliable well-being for your family, current and accurate information for your community and warm and eager health-care for you. I am writing this piece of electronic ‘web-site stuff’ to give you an insightful glimpse into my headspace and history. I always welcome questions.

I grew up in a very health-care oriented family. My baby sister and her husband are podiatric surgeons in the United States. I also have four other chiropractors, two medical doctors, a chiropodist and about six or seven pharmacists in the close family. (And a partridge in a pear-tree.) Other than my sister’s kin, most of my tribe were all born, raised and still live here in Toronto, close to the community that my office is in. My wife and office manager, Elyse and I have three amazing kids who, at one time or another, have all thought about chiropractic health-care as a career too!!!!

I remember the old timers who would say in broken English; without your health, you have nothing!!! How right they were! My practice concept is that the true secret to the best health care in the world is that HEALTHY PEOPLE DON’T GET SICK!!!! Accept it. The healthier you are, the less likely you will get sick and the quicker you’ll get better if you do. But, let me ask you; what makes your body heal, what gets you better??? The answer is: YOU DO. Your nervous system does, in fact…IF IT CAN!!! If nothing interferes with the way the nervous system works, it will heal you. By the way, that’s also the only way anyone gets better! Chiropractic care can help that process by helping the nervous system work better. I have been getting adjusted on a regular basis for just that reason since even before my first chiropractor cousin graduated in 1972. Most of my entire family is under chiropractic care and, knock on wood, we are a generally extraordinarily healthy and happy bunch.

To become a chiropractor was a bit of a journey for me. By the time I was 24 years old, I had already been out in the working world for about six years. When I graduated from high school, I quickly discovered that University was not for me at that time. I worked in a kitchen part-time, as a book-keeper, I got my real estate licence and I owned a company that placed and serviced aquariums in professional offices. One day, (true story) one of the younger fellas that I knew in the neighbourhood came to me and asked; what did I think about him dropping out of school to become an actor. I yelled at him for two hours about how; if he wanted to be an actor, he should go to acting school!! That night, I realized that the advice I gave him…was pretty good advice. Also, at that time, my baby sister was about to graduate as a doctor of podiatry. I always figured that I was the smarter one. If she could do it, so could I.

I was very fortunate to be able to approach my parents and ask them for help and for them to be able to give it. I did my undergraduate studies at York University. This time, I was hot stuff!!! It’s truly amazing how easy it is to get something that you really want, if, you do what you need to do to get it. (Study that statement!!!) I graduated from the very prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College here in Toronto in 1994 when I was thirty years old.

I have grown much in my practice. I remember calling older and more experienced chiropractors for advice on different cases. Now, I’m the one who gets the ‘what do I think’ calls. I have a family based practice in Toronto where I serve a growing group of healthy and happy patients in my community. My office uses the most up to date equipment and techniques and we regularly attend a variety of seminars to stay current on healthcare developments. My staff is well trained and fully available to help our patients achieve the highest potential level of wellness. If we can be of help to you or your loved ones, please call us to see if our unique and fantastic form of healthcare can help you. Thanks for looking.