A recent study described how a 6 year old boy benefited from Chiropractic care after suffering from headaches for 2 years. He sought Chiropractic care after receiving only minor relief from Ibuprofen.

Headaches are surprisingly common in childhood and increases in frequency as children enter their teenage years. 37% to 51% in children younger than 7 years of age suffer from headaches, and the number of those suffering from headaches increases to 57% to 82% by age 15 years. Prior to puberty, boys are affected more frequently than girls, but following the onset of puberty, headaches occur more frequently in girls.

This 6 year old boy began a series of gentle, Chiropractic care over a 2 month period. Happily, after receiving 10 visits over 2 months, the child experienced a complete eliminations of all headaches.

Original Study

Why let children suffer? If your child suffers from headaches, call and set up an appointment for them.